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Said in Critical Condition due to hunger strike - you can help!!

 An urgent update from Hands Of Somalia. Please phone and email as detailed below.  

Said Kasim in CRITICAL condition due to hunger strike – please help him!! 

Said Kasim Mohamed

Dear Everyone,

Said Kasim seriously needs some help – just 5 minutes of your time – anything you can do to raise alarm will be appreciated by Said.

Said has been on hunger strike 22 days but ignored by SERCO and UKBA. He had not been seen by a doctor until last night when he was moved to the healthcare unit. Said now has signs of kidney and liver failure, SERCO are refusing responsibility. Said is still refusing to go to a hospital until UKBA release him or make an intervention to such effect.
Text message received just now from Said:

“Doctor came im room with UKBA doctor told me found out my one kidney it doesin’t working and liver problem, so told me to take me to hospital i refuse to go i told them i need a letter release then i’ll go, then doctor asked me some quetion about treatment from them, drid tablets and some food but i refuse all then doctor give to me a form to sign then doctor said from now finished dealing with me but now anything wrong happen to ukba only but not healthcare department because they are already give to ukba my result. Anthony i am in very hard situation even my urine blood inside”

Said Kasim Mohamed

Said was not taken off his cocktail of medicines for hypertension and depression by SERCO staff despite eating no food for 22 days. Likely this is the cause of his now severe condition.
As you can see SERCO are now backing down and blaming UKBA – now is the time to strike Colnbrook IRC – UKBA – the lot of them.

Said is demanding to be released out of the detention centre which is killing him. Bail, UKBA release, whatever – just out of the prison (i.e. Said told us he doesn’t want to go to the hospital then back to the prison again – we know UKBA do that).

Said has not committed any crimes and never absconded or broken terms laid down by UKBA.
We know 2 Algerian men just got out of Colnbrook IRC after 15 days of hunger strike and have not come back to Colnbrook.

We recommend you ring Colnbrook healthcare now and we have provided some questions you can ask below

Name: Said Kasim Mohamed (referred to as ‘Eddy Issa’ by UKBA, incase they ask or deny knowing who Said is)
HO Ref: M1382343
CID: 7236534
Ring 0208 607 5200 then press OPTION 1 THEN PRESS 310 (or Fax: 0208 759 7996 attn: UKBA centre manager and SERCO healthcare unit) to demand Said’s immediate release and ask the following questions:
  • Ask why SERCO staff only put Said in the healthcare unit last night after literally ignoring him for 20 days and not letting him be seen by a doctor once. They are responsible for his health
  • Ask why Said is on hunger strike – why would someone have to take this measure?
  • Ask why UKBA refuse to give Said a proper interview with the Tanzanian embassy to ‘prove’ he has a connection with that country?
  • Ask why UKBA were still feeding Said a cocktail of medicines for hypertension and depression despite the fact that he has not had food in 20 days?
  • Ask why SERCO nurses kept hiding Said’s blood sugar level readings from him
  • Ask why UKBA are holding Said in detention prison when they are not deporting him
  • Ask why Said’s judicial review was thrown out in 10 minutes despite him not having access to a proper translator (they got a Swahili one when he speaks Kibajuni – a Somali dialect).

Other things you can do:

Call UKBA switchboard (9am-445pm)
Telephone: 0870 606 7766
Call the Ministry of Justice (in charge of prisons etc)
Telephone: 020 3334 3555 (open 9am-430pm)
Call Colnbrook IRC directly to complain
Tel: 020 8607 5200 – we recommend PRESS OPTION 1 THEN PRESS 303
Ring the Home Office (immigration) to report a hunger strike protest and ask the above questions:
Telephone: 020 7035 4848
Fax: 020 7035 4745
Contact local MP John Mcdonnell to inform him about Said’s hunger strike and critical condition (he has intervened before)

Alert journalists
Zoe Williams, Twitter – @zoesqwilliams. She is a journalist for the Guardian who has written recently about asylum seekers on section 4.
The Independent
Phone: 020 7005 2000
The Guardian
Phone: 020 3353 2000
The Telegraph
Phone: 020 7931 2000
Phone: 020 3615 0600

 In Said’s own words:

“I better off die than to be locked inside like this… I am not a terrorist and I’m not a danger to the public. In short, I’m not going to stop my hunger strike until I die”
UKBA wrongly accuse Said of being from Tanzania, a country he has no connection with and they have not proven his identity other than a flawed SPRAKAB test – a corrupt testing system UKBA dropped because it was not reliable enough. Said is from the persecuted Bajuni ethnic minority, from the island of Koyama (Bajuni Islands) in Somalia.
Said was beaten up by UKBA contracted Reliance security staff during his removal in September 2012 and despite recently applying for judicial review against the government (representing himself in court due to no legal aid available) has not had any luck getting justice.



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