Friday, 8 March 2013

Help needed to put pressure on national press to cover Hassanat's anti-deportation campaign

The local press came to cover the protest in solidarity with Hassanat today so there will be an article in the Chronicle on Saturday 9th March about the campaign. We really need to get the national press to cover this now to have a better chance of stopping the deportation. Please take a couple of minutes to phone, email and tweet the following newspapers and journalists and ask them to report on it. For more information see the campaign tab at the top of the blog.

Zoe Williams, Twitter -@zoesqwilliams. She is a journalist for the Guardian who has written recently about asylum seekers on section 4.

Maggie O'Kane, Twitter - @maggiebi3. She is a journalist for the Guardian who moderated a meeting held by Forward against FGC.

The Independent
Phone:         020 7005 2000

The Guardian
Phone:         020 3353 2000
    Email: ,,

The Telegraph
Phone:         020 7931 2000

The Observer
Phone:        (same as for The Guardian)

The Daily Mirror
Phone:         0800 282 591

Phone:         020 3615 0600

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