Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Where is Raul Ally?

Raul Ally is an 18 year old lad from Newcastle, who moved here from Somalia when he was 12. He is currently missing, following his abduction by British immigration police on 10 April and subsequent deportation to Tanzania on 24 April. His family and friends do not know his whereabouts and have no way of getting in contact with him. We need your help to find him.

This was the second time that Raul had been taken to a British immigration prison, despite having committed no crime. On 24 April the Home Office forced him on to a plane, and deported him to Tanzania, a country that he has never stepped foot in and has no links to. At the time of his deportation Raul had been on hunger strike for 14 days and was in a weak and vulnerable state. Since this time Raul’s family have been unable to contact him, and don’t know where or how he is. He may be in an immigration prison in Tanzania, Britain or another country. This is completely unfair on this young man and his friends and family, like thousands of other migrants he struggles against the callous, racist face of the British State. Raul’s case represents the voiceless hundreds and thousands sent back to the most dangerous and poorest areas of the world; one of the dirtiest secrets of successive governments.

Raul and his younger brother fled Somalia when he was 12 years old, after their father had been killed due to political activity. They were left with no family in the country, facing a life of poverty and growing up in a war torn country. He has been living in the North East of England ever since, has reunited with his mother who now lives here, forged friendships and made a life for himself here, playing for local football teams, most recently Gateshead FC youth team, and attended Prudhoe High School and Joseph Swan Comprehensive. He was due to start a Sports Coaching degree at Sunderland University but was locked up in Morton Hall immigration prison for two months last summer so couldn’t start the course. He was released on bail and had to sign at North Shields Immigration Reporting Centre every week and never missed a date.

The racist treatment of refugees in Britain is linked to Britain’s imperialist plunder and pillage around the world, not least in Somalia. Somalia has been carved up so that its energy resources can be exploited. In his November 2011 speech at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet, David Cameron made his intentions on Somalia clear—British intervention. He explained that ‘Somalia is a failed state that directly threatens British interests.’ The London Conference on Somalia that followed in February 2012 was led by Cameron to secure ‘British interests’ in the oil-rich and strategically important region. Ugandan, Burundian, Kenyan, Ethiopian, US, British and French troops have all entered Somalia.

Immigration is being used as a political tool by parties from UKIP to Labour, in a cheap attempt to win votes, scapegoat refugees for housing shortages and divide communities. They over simplify the issues and spread disinformation about the true numbers and reasons for immigration in this country. Raul Ally, like millions of migrants, was a valued and contributory member of his society and should have as much right to stay in this country as any citizen. Please help us to spread awareness of Raul’s disappearance and the injustices he faces. Let’s get Raul back to his family; free, free Raul Ally!

How you can help find Raul:

1. Like and share this article and

the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WhereIsRaulAlly

2. Contact Theresa May to urge her to reveal the whereabouts of Raul and use her powers as Home Secretary to release Raul if he is in a British immigration prison, stop any future deportation and give him indefinite leave to remain. You will need to quote Raul's Home Office reference number A1359895 as they may have him in the system under a different name.

Constituency phone number: 0118 934 5433

Twitter:  @ukhomeoffice  
UKBApublicenquiries@UKBA.gsi. gov.uk
Privateoffice.external@ homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

pscorrespondence@cabinet- office.gsi.gov.uk

Fax: 0207 0354745


3. Contact the immigration minister Mark Harper

Constituency Office: 01594 823 482

Westminster Office: 020 7219 5056

4. Call Medical Justice who will take a complaint regarding the health of a refugee. 

Tel: 02075617498

5. Contact press to urge them to cover the story

The Guardian

Phone: 020 3353 2000

Email: national@guardian.co.uk

The Independent

Phone: 020 7005 2000

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