Thursday, 21 February 2013

Somali refugee Said Kasim begins a hunger strike in Colnbrook IRC

  The struggle of Somali refugee Said Kasim is intensifying and in the post below the brutal reality of Britain's immigration detention is exposed. Originally published on Hands off Somalia! blog - HOS! - Said Kasim begins hunger strike in Colnbrook IRC

 Said Kasim begins a hunger strike in Colnbrook IRC

Said Kasim has informed supporters of Hands off Somalia that he has begun a hunger strike inside Colnbrook immigration prison, in protest to his extensive unlawful detention – which is now over one year – and increasingly oppressive treatment inside the prison.

Said went for a further Judicial Review last Friday, only to find that the courts and contracted translation services CAPTIA had once again failed to provide Said with a Kibajuni translator. The judge adjourned his case but with no set date and ruled that Said’s removal can still take place.
British courts are scrambling after paying translation service CAPITA millions, only to find out CAPTIA can not provide a proper service and constantly don’t turn up to court. MPs have even described the deal as ‘nothing short of shambolic’.

Said forwarded HOS the fax below which emotionally explains his reasoning behind the protest and that he is prepared to risk his health and  life in order to get his freedom. Said also sent this fax to SERCO and the medical unit in Colnbrook IRC to inform them of his protest.
Said sent this fax to UKBA, SERCO and the medical unit in Colnbrook IRC to inform them of his protest
Said sent this fax to UKBA, SERCO and the medical unit in Colnbrook IRC to inform them of his protest

Doctors at Colnbrook IRC have rushed to advise Said to postpone his action as he currently takes a cocktail of medicines to help with his heart condition and depression, which were only caused by his detention. Doctors told Said that a hunger strike could prove seriously detrimental to his health as consuming the drugs he normally takes without food could damage his liver and kidneys.

Said told Hands off Somalia that he is determined to continue to fight for his freedom despite the serious risks involved.

He told UKBA’s doctors “I’m not scared about my problems for a long time, you are a doctor and this is part of your job so ask UKBA questions and tell them I want to be free. I am not a terrorist and I’m not a danger to the public. In short, I’m not going to stop my hunger strike until I die”

Hands off Somalia support Said in this protest and plan solidarity actions to support him

You can support Said:
  • Call Colnbrook IRC to complain. Tel: 020 8607 5200 PRESS OPTION 1 THEN PRESS 303
  • Ring the Home Office to report his protest and demand his freedom. Telephone:  020 7035 4848 or Fax: 020 7035 4745 or Email:
  • Contact local MP John Mcdonnell to inform him about Said’s hunger strike and ask why someone like Said would have to take to such measures to get justice. Email: or Twitter
  • Send us a message on Facebook of any action you want to take

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